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Business Analysts Job Portal

We have developed a genuine search engine that crawls into Trademe, Seek, Stuff, Jobs, and New Zealand Goevrnment sites to give you the best Business Analyst (BA) jobs in NZ

What's the role of a Business Analyst?

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Often the BA has a technical background, whether having worked as a programmer or engineer, or completing a Computer Science degree. Others may move into a BA role from a business role - their status as a subject matter expert and their analytical skills make them suitable for the role.

Our BA jobs finder search engine

Do you find it annoying to hunt your new job in so many websites? If you find yourself flicking between Trademe, Seek, NZ Herald and other classifieds - then our search engine is designed for you. Get immediate results of all BA jobs in New Zealand, sorted for Junior Business Analysts, Intermediate Business Analysts and Senior Business Analysts. Our search engine crawls to the following sites:

  • Trademe Jobs
  • Seek
  • Jooble
  • NZ Herald Jobs

Additional information for Business Analysts

IT Glossary
Business Analyst New Zealand Wellington
A list of IT glossary terms
Compiled especially for BAs, courtesy of
BA Templates
Business Analyst New Zealand Auckland
Templates of BA documentation
like requirements document, vision statement and others.
CV Template
Business Analyst New Zealand Christchurch
Download CV template
to refine your CV and icrease your chances for getting a good job.
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